Window Shopping in Athens
This project was done in Athens, Greece, in 2019. 

Pictures were taken late at night, while I was playing Ingress.

The only camera I had was my iPhone 8, and, to tell the truth, I like this photos because they depict the perfect world of the shop windows in an imperfect way.

Low light introduces noise, the windows add multiple defects and reflections, the harsh light is overexposing large areas…

Welcome to the journey in the cold and static world of the Athenians caged mannequins.
Do not hesitate to click on the images to enlarge them.
The 3 musketeers 
Solo girls
girls' Faces
window reflections
rock star, executive woman, sisters & video girl
stiff necks
breaking bad
men at work
and afterwork
cloth & dress
Super dirty (French translation)
thank you for watching !

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